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This the website of the Haeften Family Association.

The van/von Haeften family belongs to a group of families, who has its origin in the Dutch Betuwe, and who is carrying a variation of the famous French coat of arms of the Châtillon (sur Marne) family.
Since the 17th century, there is also a major German branch, which calls itself von Haeften.
This part of the family moved from Castle Verwolde, in the east of the Netherlands, towards Germany.
Another branch of the family was recorded in 1822 in the Dutch nobility with the title of Baron or Barones with transition to all of them. In 1881 this branch of the family died out.
Yet another branch moved from the Betuwe to the city of Utrecht and was raised in 1844 in the non-titled nobility with obtaining the predicate Jonkheer or Jonkvrouw (Squire or Maiden).
There are also family members of this branch who called de Craen van Haeften.
The trunk lock of the family is Castle Goudenstein in the little village of Haaften. Castle Goudenstein was destroyed by the French troops in 1672. This year was called the disaster year for the Netherlands, see Wikipedia.  Only one of the towers of the castle is still present.

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