Haeften Event 2024

Beste familie, 
Het Haeften Event 2024 zal zoals eerder aangekondigd in Berlijn plaats 
Rieke Harmsen heeft een prachtig programma gemaakt met veel historische 
hoogtepunten over de familie von Haeften en in het  bijzonder over 
Hans-Bernd en Werner von Haeften. 
Namens het bestuur stuurde Rieke de uitnodiging per e-mail naar de bij ons 
bekende e-mailadressen. Laat Rieke of mij weten wanneer je geen uitnodiging 
hebt gekregen. 
Tot ziens in Berlijn in 2024! 

Groet, Onno van Haeften

Rieke verstuurde het volgende bericht:
Dear members of the Haeften Family Association,
we would like to invite you to our next family reunion. The reunion will 
take place in Berlin from
*Thursday, May 9th to Sunday, May 12th, 2024*
The occasion of our meeting is the *80th anniversary* of the assassination
attempt of July 20, 1944, in which Hans-Bernd and Werner von Haeften 
The assassination attempt was the most significant attempted overthrow of 
the military resistance during the National Socialist era. The conspirators 
considered the killing of Adolf Hitler as a prerequisite for a change of 
power, also from the point of view of the "oath to the Führer". 
However, Hitler survived with minor injuries the explosion of the explosive 
charge deposited by Werner von Haeften and Claus Schenk Graf von 
Stauffenberg at the Führer's headquarters in Wolfsschanze on July 20, 1944.
We are glad to announce that we will open an exhibition about the  Werner & 
Hans-Bernd von Haeften in Berlin.
We start on Ascension Day (Thursday). 
However, if you are working and have less time or money, you are heartily 
invited to join us for two days (Saturday and Sunday).
We will not make any reservations for a hotel since we think everyone 
should look for a suitable solution, but we will let you know as soon as 
possible some places you could choose. 
We will make a reservation in a restaurant for the family dinner.
*Our Program:*
Thursday, May 9th
Dinner at own expenses
Friday, May 10th
Visit of Berlin (optional: Gedenkstätte Plötzensee – where Hans-Bernd von 
Haeften was executed)
Meeting at a bar
Saturday, May 11th
10:50 Meeting in the „Gedenkstätte Deutsche Widerstand“ / Guided tour, 
Stauffenbergstraße 13 – 14, 10785 Berlin-Mitte https://www.gdw-berlin.de
12:00 Small Lunch
14:00  Opening of the Exhibition „Werner & Hans-Bernd von Haeften und der 
Widerstand des 20. Juli 1944“ (probably at the Gedenkstätte Deutscher 
Widerstand) https://www.gdw-berlin.de
18:00 Family Dinner in a Restaurant
Sunday, May 11th
11:00  Meeting of the "Haeften Family Association" at the Haus am Wannsee 
(close to Potsdam), Am Großen Wannsee 56 – 58, 14109 Berlin 
12:00 Guided visit of the „Haus am Wannsee“
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Trip on a boat: Wannseerundfahrt
16.00 Arrival in Potsdam (ride back to Berlin ca. 60 min)

We are looking forward to seeing you in Berlin. 

Best regards,
Rieke C. Harmsen
on behalf of the family Board